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Welcome to Weight2Lose medical clinics’ virtual membership website! Our members enjoy access to a growing and easily searchable library of 460+ dietary interventions, ready to download. This website also features 3 behavior modification courses with practical tools for emotional eating prevention, mindful eating, and chronic disease prevention. And of course, you can browse through thousands of easily downloadable recipes, categorized for your convenience.


I am an existing client of Weight2Lose Medical Clinics. Why do I need to join this virtual membership in addition to my live program at the clinic?

This virtual membership can add value to your live program at the clinic, in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. At Weight2Lose we believe in exploring various health-oriented techniques and informational resources. Perhaps you will find a tasty meal plan that will serve useful, or a few recipes to enjoy. Or maybe you will discover a practical behavior change technique in one of our online courses that resonates with you and transforms into a positive lifelong habit. And of course, all our clinical clients benefit from free access to this website, so there is no extra cost for you to join.

How will I benefit by joining this virtual membership, without being a client of Weight2Lose Medical Clinics?

As a member you will have access to a growing library of practical and research supported nutrition programs, easily downloadable in PDF format. You can find meal plans and recipes for a wide range of weight loss scenarios, cooking preferences and medical conditions. You will also receive access to 3 behavior modification courses focusing on emotional eating prevention (2 months course), mindful eating (2 months course), and weight loss & chronic disease prevention (4 months course). Weight2Lose team is committed to keep adding practical resources to help our members in their lifestyle change journeys and weight loss maintenance.

What is the price and cancellation policy for this virtual membership?

Weight2Lose offers a monthly membership to our virtual resources website at $50 CAD per month. We do not offer refunds for late cancellations or unused time on a membership. When you cancel, you will still be able to access your membership portal until the end of the billing cycle. You can stop your membership monthly, at any time.