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Weight2Lose Medical Clinics aka “Weight2Lose Management Inc.” or “Weight2Lose” websites: 1) 2) should not be considered as medical advice! Both websites’ content is generalized and provided for informational and educational purposes only. You should never disregard medical advice or delay seeking it because of these websites or any clinical program offered by Weight2Lose! 

Weight2Lose websites are intended for individuals who are 18 years of age or older. We encourage minors to seek permission from their parents or legal guardians to use Weight2Lose websites and/or live clinical services.

The information on 1) 2) is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace advise from your healthcare professional/s. Please check with your medical doctor and other health care professionals about the relevance of any ideas, programs or advice related to medical conditions listed on this site, as these medical conditions may have varying indications and symptoms.

It is very important for you to consult a doctor if you feel you’re ill or have one of the problems listed on 1) 2), as many are serious or life-threatening. Medical and nutrition information changes quickly as new research becomes available, thus Weight2Lose constantly strives to update 1) 2) At the same time, certain programs and courses on these websites may be outdated or incorrect. Please let our team know if you spot errors on our site by emailing:

The content on 1) 2) shouldn’t be used to prescribe treatment. It shouldn’t replace a consultation from your family doctor and/or another qualified healthcare professional. 1) 2) do not cover all ailments, medical conditions, or treatments you may need. If you have healthcare questions, please call, or see your medical doctor right away. Before starting a new treatment, therapy, diet, or exercise program, consult your family doctor. Never ignore medical advice or delay in getting it because of information received on: 1) 2) or Weight2Lose live clinical program.

Weight2Lose Medical Clinics (Weight2Lose Management Inc.) does not advocate or support any program, course, service, or operation, without your family doctor’s consent. Any information or opinions expressed on these websites are the authors’ opinions. Weight2Lose Management Inc. isn’t responsible for 1) 2) content. Healthcare Contractors, authors, and other 1) 2) visitors give information at their own risk. Weight2Lose Management Inc. is not liable for harm or injury caused by using any program, content, course, information, idea, or direction in the materials provided to you on these websites. Weight Medical clinics may change or stop 1) 2) at any moment. Please see our terms and conditions, and your client agreement (when applicable), to learn about your risks and rights when participating in Weight2Lose programs, and/or 1) 2) websites.

Nutritional Information

Weight2Lose offers programs, and a wide range of nutritional information for recipes contained in Weight2Lose virtual membership. This information is provided as an estimate and should not be interpreted as a guarantee by Weight2Lose. This information is a product of the USDA Food Data Central. Weight2Lose makes best effort to estimate nutritional information, however these figures should be considered as estimates, since numerous factors may influence each program’s and recipe’s composition. To obtain the most accurate nutrient breakdown, we recommend you calculate the actual ingredients used in your recipe. The recommended calorie and carbohydrate ranges may be different for each person depending on a wide range of physiological and lifestyle factors and may need to change depending on your health and weight loss needs and goals. Please note that the metrics on 1) 2) websites are not 100% accurate. We advise you to consult a health professional directly to develop a personalized program, in line with your needs.